(L-R) Andrew Cockbain (APE, Teddy Suwignjo (B&D), Abby Crawford (APE) and Rangga Yudho (B&D).

Australian Power Equipment has paid a visit to its esteemed supplier, Bambang Djaja (B&D) Transformers, at its headquarters in Surabaya, Indonesia, and another of its manufacturing facilities just a short distance away.

Despite representing B&D exclusively in Australia for several years, this journey marked Australian Power Equipment’s first visit to East Java and the team was thoroughly impressed by what they encountered.

Representing core values

Australian Power Equipment’s core values constitute its dedication to delivering top-tier equipment to its clients, fostering genuine relationships within its supply chain and prioritising sustainable practices within the business itself.

These values resonated deeply with the ethos of B&D, a family-owned enterprise. Established in Surabaya in 1985, B&D Transformers has emerged as the premier Power, Distribution and Instrument Transformer manufacturer in Indonesia.

Throughout the years, the company has continued to elevate its standards, leveraging cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art machinery and a team of highly skilled professionals.

The Australian Power Equipment team’s discussions with two of the company’s directors – Teddy Suwignjo and Henky Suwignjo – proved invaluable as avenues for innovation, with optimised shipping processes explored and the two teams aligned on sustainability objectives.

Australian Power Equipment Director, Andrew Cockbain, said, “The manufacturing facilities were truly impressive.

“I have full confidence in B&D’s operational prowess as a supplier, not only for their proven equipment, which we have provided to numerous clients across Australia, but also for their engineers’ collaborative approach, ensuring that new designs were embraced from the outset.”

Strengthening global relationships

Fostering global partnerships is paramount for sustained success, with face-to-face interactions facilitating seamless information exchange. Spending time not only with the heads of business but their families fosters a strong sense of connection, building an environment of transparency, trust and shared vision for the future.

Australian Power Equipment Director, Abby Crawford, said, “I was struck by their genuine commitment to sustainability. It’s evident that B&D prioritises both the environment and its people.”

Whilst many countries throughout the globe have intensified their lens on sustainability reporting, including Australia, other countries have not yet prioritised this type of governance.

Nevertheless, it became apparent to the Australian Power Equipment team that B&D was already making significant strides in sustainability and by sharing resources and exchanging ideas, formalising these practices was well within reach.

With ongoing support and collaborative efforts, including open dialogue and information sharing, the Australian Power Equipment team believes B&D has the potential to lead the charge in advancing sustainability practices within Indonesia’s manufacturing sector.

As Ms Crawford said, “People like working with people they like.

“With mutual respect, strong work ethics, and a shared vision, the partnership between Australian Power Equipment and B&D Transformers presents a promising opportunity for ongoing collaboration.”

The future of Power Transformers in Australia appears promising as Australian Power Equipment and B&D Transformers continue to collaborate closely.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Australian Power Equipment. For more information, visit www.australianpowerequipment.com.au.

Featured image: (L-R) Andrew Cockbain (APE), Teddy Suwignjo (B&D), Abby Crawford (APE) and Rangga Yudho (B&D).


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