Dundas Minerals has released the results of a multi-element assay program for the Windanya project, which reveal two distinct clusters of exceptionally high-grade gold in soil sample anomalies within the project. 

Soil samples were taken from a depth of 1.5m using a four wheel-drive mounted auger rig. Sample spacing along the lines varied between 40m and 60m and samples were assayed for a suite of 33 elements, including gold and gold pathfinder elements. The program comprised 756 samples.

The Aquarius anomaly is within the Big Tree Basalt, just east of its contact with the Mount Pleasant Gabbro. 

As part of Dundas’s Windanya auger program seven sampling lines each 100m apart, with 40m between sample points, were completed at Aquarius.

Peak gold values returned from multi-element assay of samples are; 696ppb (or 0.7gpt), 493ppb, 483ppb and 478ppb. 

Pea gold values along each sample line across the anomaly predominantly align parallel, on a north-south oriented trend, a useful guide for the orientation of future drilling. 

The anomaly covers an area of approximately 45ha.

The Scorpio gold soil anomaly (highest value 530ppb or 0.53gpt) is located on the western margin of the interpreted contact between the Mount Pleasant Gabbro, Big Dick Basalt and Mount Ellis Gabbro. At Scorpio 24 auger samples were taken on three lines spaced similarly to those at Aquarius. 

14 of the 24 samples (58 per cent) returned gold values from assay of 100ppb or higher. The area of gold anomalism is approximately 8ha.


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