Kingfisher Mining has announced the successful identification of three new carbonatite pipe targets, following a gravity survey that was conducted at its Mick Well project in the Gascoyne Province.

Kingfisher’s Executive Director and CEO, James Farrell, said that the geophysical surveys led to the identification of several compelling carbonatite pipe targets in the centre of the large-scale Mick Well project. 

“These targets extend over an area of 7km by 4km and are where we have been progressively delineating high grade REE mineralisation,” Mr Farrell said. 

“There is a strong possibility that these targets put into place the final pieces of our geological discovery model and are the source of our REE mineralisation. Ground truthing and drill planning is now underway.”

Three large carbonatite pipe targets have been identified below the high grade vein and dyke REE mineralisation at Mick Well. The targets were generated through three-dimensional modelling of the gravity and magnetics data, with areas with more dense and more magnetic rocks identified from the geophysics. 

Each of the target pipes is more than 1,000m in diameter and close to the surface, with the depth to the top of each target being less than 50m below the ground surface. The carbonatite pipe targets are all located in the centre of the large area of outcropping carbonatites and associated fenite alteration at Mick Well.


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