The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has recognised the Federal Government’s Climate Change Bill 2022 as an important step in reducing climate emissions globally.

MCA Chief Executive Officer, Tania Constable, said the bill was in line with the Federal Government’s election commitment and offered industry greater certainty in renewable policy.

“The Federal Government’s Climate Change Bill 2022 is in line with its election commitment and provides certainty for Australia’s industries,” Ms Constable said.

“The mining industry recognises the need to reduce emissions globally, nationally and at the sites and facilities driving Australia’s resources industry.

“Achievement of both the 2030 target and the 2050 net zero target will require close consultation and collaboration with all stakeholders.”

However, Ms Constable also highlighted the importance of consistency between state, territory and federal policies.

“Federal, state and territory governments need to develop more consistent approaches to climate and energy policy if the country is to transition to net zero in an orderly manner,” Ms Constable said.

“It is vital that as the country seeks to achieve these challenging targets, that Australia’s export industries continue to thrive and remain internationally competitive.

“Mining supports the escalation of renewable energy into the Australian electricity sector to reduce the emissions intensity of our electricity.”

As Australia’s mining industries continue to invest in renewable alternatives to current processes, Ms Constable maintains that policies should be sustainable for both business and the environment.

“We must manage this transition in a manner which reflects technology readiness and cost,” Ms Constable said.

“We can’t have policy reform that drives businesses to reduced production or closure due to an inability to compete with competitor countries who are not implementing strict emissions constraints on their export industries.

“This would just shift emissions overseas to jurisdictions without strict emissions requirements. It would be neither sustainable nor real emissions reduction.

“The objective must be to develop the policy reforms in a manner which keeps our industries strong and sustainably puts us on a course of emissions reduction through the development and deployment of low emissions technologies and processes.”

FEATURE IMAGE: MCA CEO, Tania Constable. Photo: Minerals Council of Australia.


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