Critical Minerals Group (CMG) has announced that it has entered into a licence agreement with Lava Blue, which is set to advance the development of High Purity Alumina (HPA) at the Lindfield Vanadium Project located in Northwest Queensland.

The Lindfield Vanadium Project is focused on the extraction of vanadium pentoxide, essential for the production of vanadium batteries. However, the site also has a significant deposit of aluminium (III) oxide, a crucial ingredient for producing HPA. Through the licence agreement with Lava Blue, CMG is set to tap into this resource, advancing the project’s potential and diversifying its product offering. 

Preliminary beneficiation test work using Lava Blue’s technology has yielded promising results, demonstrating the project’s capability to produce 3N and 4N grade HPA. CMG said that these achievements highlight the potential for further optimisation and advancement in HPA production, solidifying the Lindfield Vanadium Project as a significant player in the market.

The Licence Agreement is set for a three-year term, during which CMG will have access to Lava Blue’s expertise and technology for the development of the HPA production stream and other non-vanadium co-product streams. This partnership not only solidifies CMG’s position in the market but also underscores its commitment to sustainable and innovative mining practices.

CMG Managing Director, Scott Winter, said that the company is extremely excited to be able to partner with Lava Blue in the development of the HPA and other co-products in the processing of the Lindfield project ore. 

“The resource has identified HPA as a potential product stream, and we saw very early in the testing program that with the Lava Blue technology, we were able to achieve results well beyond our initial expectations after such a short period and without extensive investigation,” Mr Winter said. 

“The partnership through this agreement will enable us to optimise the HPA product stream as well as identify other value-adding products in the process stream.”

Featured image: The signing of the CMG, Lava Blue Licence Agreement. Image credit: CMG.


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