An image of wolframite – a primary ore of tungsten

Drilling, geological mapping and soil and rock sampling is set to begin as part of a tungsten exploration project in Queensland. 

EQ Resources was granted an Exploration Permit for Minerals (EPM) for on-ground exploration over a 480km2 area in Far North Queensland, including the former Wolfram Camp and Bamford Hill mines. 

The permit aims to support the re-commercialisation of the historic Wolfram Camp site, including boosting local employment. The Wolfram Camp mine was abandoned in late 2018 and has since been a part of the Queensland Government’s Abandoned Mine Lands Program. 

Wolfram Camp is named after wolframite – a primary ore of tungsten which miners have been extracting from the site since the 19th century. 

The Queensland Government said that tungsten is essential in various battery technologies and energy storage systems, with its unique properties making it irreplaceable in applications like solar cells, wind turbine blades, microelectronics, tools, construction, defence and medical technologies. 

The State Government expects that global demand for critical minerals like tungsten will continue to increase as more countries work towards a net zero future. 

Queensland Minister for Resources and Critical Minerals, Scott Stewart, said, “The approval of this exploration permit is a crucial step in our mission to transform Queensland’s former mines into productive, job creating assets. 

“EQ Resources has a proven track record in revitalising former mines.” 

Mr Stewart said that revitalising Wolfram Camp will not only provide significant economic benefits but also ensure a steady supply of tungsten, critical for renewable energy technologies. 

“This will not only create more good jobs for the region but help us meet the challenge of leading the world towards a decarbonised future.” 

EQ Resources’ CEO, Kevin MacNeill, said, “At EQ Resources, we understand the importance of responsible and sustainable mining practices. As we did with the Mt Carbine Mine, we are committed to engaging closely with all local communities around Wolfram Camp to create shared prosperity and opportunities.  

“This includes generating new employment avenues, contributing to the local economy and promoting responsible environmental stewardship in alignment with EQR’s core values.  

“Having successfully navigated the permitting process, we are excited to get boots on the ground. 

“Our team of experienced professionals will apply modern exploration techniques and state-of-the-art technologies to maximise Wolfram Camp and the surrounding site’s potential while minimising its environmental footprint.” 

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