A panoramic image of Charles Knife Canyon, Western Australia

The Western Australian Government’s Fast-Tracking Mining Approvals Strategy is progressing, with the Eligible Mining Activity (EMA) Regulations now open for public consultation.

The Fast-Tracking Mining Approvals Strategy was introduced in 2022 and aims to transform the regulation of resource projects under the Mining Act 1978 through multiple work streams.

The EMA framework, established under the Mining Amendment Act 2022, will increase the efficiency of applications by introducing a new form of authorisation for certain activities that involve minimal disturbance.

Under the EMA framework, tenement holders will be able to lodge a notification with DEMIRS that they will be undertaking certain eligible activities. Eligible activities can be undertaken following the successful lodgement of an EMA Notice which is expected to result in shorter approval timeframes for these activities.

The Western Australian Government said that the intent is that eligible activities will be those that pose a low risk to the environment and do not occur in sensitive environments.

Consultation will be open for an eight-week period.

Western Australian Mines and Petroleum Minister, David Michael, said, “The Fast-Tracking Mining Approvals Strategy is a key component of the Western Australian Government’s election commitment to streamline project approvals.

“The strategy is being implemented in multiple work streams and programs in order to reduce assessment timeframes and aims to drive the state’s key economic activities.

“The EMA framework will shorten approval timeframes for certain low-impact activities without compromising environmental outcomes and I look forward to progressing with its implementation.” 

Image credit: cb_travel/Shutterstock.com.


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