The Western Australian Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DEMIRS) has announced that the draft guideline is open for consultation from key stakeholders on the development of a Mining Development and Closure Proposal (MDCP).

MDCPs are being introduced as a feature of the Mining Amendment Act 2022 to improve the efficiency of applications for mining activities.

Submitting a MDCP will replace the requirement to provide a Mining Proposal and Mine Closure Plan at the project approval stage, which is expected to reduce duplication and result in more streamlined decision-making.

The draft MDCP guideline seeks to clearly identify the content requirements of a MDCP application and has been informed by feedback received on the MDCP discussion paper, released for consultation in May 2023.

DEMIRS’s Resource and Environmental Compliance Executive Director, Tyler Sujdovic, said the department was one step closer to establishing a framework that will increase the efficiency of assessment processes, as well as monitoring compliance with conditions of approval. 

“We appreciate all stakeholder interest in the MDCP discussion paper.

“In addition to support from our industry reference group, we have received valuable feedback that has assisted us in developing a draft guidance document for industry.

“We encourage stakeholders to continue providing feedback so we can develop a comprehensive MDCP guideline that will benefit industry, as well as support the department in our role as a regulator.”


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