Uranium extraction works. Image: AlexKZ/shutterstock.com 

The commissioning and ramp up at Boss’s Honeymoon project has seen a total of 57,364lbs of U308 produced by 30 June 2024, exceeding Feasibility Study estimates. 

Boss will now make its first delivery to European nuclear utilities under its existing sales contracts, with revenue to be received in the current quarter. 

With NIMCIX Column 1 performing to expectations and construction of Columns 2 and 3 on track for completion in the September and December quarters 2024 respectively, Boss expects production to total at least 850,000lbs of U308 by 30 June 2025, in line with its Feasibility Study schedule. 

Boss’ Managing Director, Duncan Craib, said, “The start-up phase at Honeymoon is proceeding comfortably to plan, with all the key metrics running in line with, or exceeding, the forecasts contained in the Feasibility Study schedule. 

“Construction of the second and third columns is also advancing well, ensuring we are on track to continue increasing our production rates. Total production in FY26 is set to meet or exceed our feasibility study forecasts at 1.63Mlb. The addition of columns 4, 5 and 6 are forecast to further increase the production rate to nameplate capacity of 2.45Mlb/annum by year three.” 

Image: AlexKZ/shutterstock.com 


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