The Global Mining Automation Market Report forecasts a significant growth in automation from US$3.1 billion in 2022 to US$4.2 billion by 2027. Over the next five years, voice, IoT and AI technologies are leading the way according to a new global analysis.

Much of this growth is attributed to a global move towards ‘connected’ mine sites that integrate with wireless communication systems.

“Connected mining refers to the application of technology to achieve better productivity and safety as well as reduce operational costs for a mine site… integrated operations technology makes the process of mine surveying, planning, exploration, extraction and analysis faster, and easier with software providing real-time information, thereby providing a realistic image of the mine environment and the availability of resources.” Mining Automation Market Forecast to 2027

Creating a connected mine site

A combination of Intelligent Automation (IA), IoT and AI technology, Ask Harry provides mine sites and workforces of any size with access to real-time information. Matt Denton, Chief Product Officer at Contact Harald, said, “By providing site managers, supervisors, safety officers and teams on the ground with quick and easy access to information, Ask Harry is creating more connected, safer and efficient operations.”

Using voice as the primary input, Ask Harry is accessible via phone or two-way radio and can be applied in almost every site communication scenario. Answering worker questions, giving directions and providing safety updates are all possible without ever touching a keyboard, logging on or dealing with technology.

Workers can also Ask Harry to create, upload and check in on reports while onsite, making it fast and easy to keep track of progress and identify potential hazards. With Ask Harry, issues are escalated quickly, messages get to the right people at the right time, and workers have an intelligent tool that helps them stay safe and productive, without the pain of forms or technology. And, since Harry has multilingual capabilities, users can connect with the system in up to 38 languages.

Contact Harald and its Australian engineering and design teams take products from inception to integrated hardware, voice, and AI solution delivery in 19 countries. This integrated design approach tightly couples the entire experience, delivering better, more human technology solutions. For the past decade, our products have concentrated on emerging IoT and tracking technologies and, more recently, voice-based and AI technologies. Today our human-centred design combines voice, AI, and IoT systems to improve your teams’ experiences while delivering more profound, meaningful insights. To learn more about Ask Harry, visit users can connect with the system in up to 38 languages.


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