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A new event centred on the circular economy in the mining and resources industry has been launched, set to take place alongside the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in October 2024.

The Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy conference will bring together experts and thought leaders in the mining sector to provide stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the role, impact and benefits of a circular economy on the industry.

Beacon Events said that Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy is the world’s first and only conference with discussions on the global context of both process and product circularity in the mining industry’s supply chain. 

Beacon Events’ Event Director, Sherene Asnasyous, said that it is vital the industry understands the concept and advantages of a circular economy, which extends beyond recycling.  

“Circular economy principles are a strategic response to decarbonisation by reducing waste while creating value. In the mining industry, circularity requires a systems-wide change throughout all stages, starting at the design phase of mine development to implementing new extraction, processing and logistics strategies and extending the life of extracted minerals to generate long-term sustainability. 

“There is no other event in the market that focuses on circularity across the full mining value chain.” 

The inaugural Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy conference program is designed to help not only mining producers, but also their suppliers, partners and customers.  

“The conference agenda echoes the importance of industry collaboration in achieving full circularity. Mining companies of all sizes, as well as their supply chains, will benefit from the conference to better understand the roles they play in a circular value supply stream. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from international and local speakers who will share examples of circularity applications in the mining industry, while generating tangible economic benefits.”

The conference will cover best practices in the mining and metals sectors, including the commercialisation of remining waste, recycling metals, mine rehabilitation, community engagement and the role of technology in circularity.   

Coreo’s Co-Founder, Ashleigh Morris, will be one of the keynote speakers headlining the panel on day one of Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy. Ms. Morris said she is looking forward to the opportunity to discuss circular solutions at the conference.  

“Mining’s future lies in circularity. The industry needs to extract value, not just materials. Circularity is how mining companies can minimise environmental impact, reduce emissions and still deliver the critical resources needed for a decarbonised world.” 

Neptuno Pumps and NDX Technology’s CEO and Founder of Centre Innovation and Circular Economy in Chile, Petar Ostojic, will also speak at the conference. Mr. Ostojic emphasises the importance of a circular economy in the mining, equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.  

“Integrating the circular economy with METS enhances their competitiveness, drives innovation and strengthens environmental responsibility. This strategic alignment supports the mining industry in supplying critical materials responsibly and sustainably, essential for the energy transition and digital transformation of our planet. 

“Furthermore, it fosters economic growth, creates high-quality jobs and propels the decarbonisation of the industry.” 

The conference program is expected to showcase global examples of circular economy applications, including a presentation from Vale’s General Manager – Future Use, Gustavo Roque. Mr Roque’s session will focus on reclaiming post-mining landscapes to leverage social, economic and natural assets.   

Confirmed speakers for Mining, Metals and the Circular Economy also include Materials Efficiency Research Group’s Director and Circular Economy Leadership Canada’s Senior Advisor, Alan Young; Association for the Battery Recycling Industry’s CEO, Katharine Hole; Circular PV Alliance’s Co-Founder, Megan Jones, and Tyre Stewardship’s CEO, Lina Goodman. 

Image credit: Matej Kastelic/Shutterstock.com.


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