An image of a jumbo drill in an underground mine.

Red 5 has provided an update on the findings from exploration at its King of the Hills (KOTH) gold mine, including the potential to deliver mine life extensions at the site.

Underground diamond drilling programs totalling 10,065m were completed between August 2023 and mid-February 2024, with assay results recorded in the West Bulk and Regal underground areas.

The drilling was focused on grade control for FY24 and FY25 mining and extensional drilling to identify major trends and new mineralised zones. 

Drilling results indicate potential to deliver mine life extensions at KOTH underground, particularly within the Regal and West Bulk mining areas.

High-grade assays received from underground resource extension and grade control drilling during FY24 include:

  • 23.3m at 5.13g/t from 68.7m (KHGC0155) 
  • 5.0m at 32.38g/t from 91.0m (KHGC0187)
  • 9.7m at 5.72g/t from 52.3m (KHGC0169) 
  • 4.5m at 28.59g/t from 37.0m (KHGC0190)
  • 31.0m at 6.08g/t from 0.0m (KHGC0170) 
  • 11.3m at 7.26g/t from 64.7m (KHGC0193)
  • 15.3m at 3.94g/t from 1.0m (KHGC0171) 
  • 39.7m at 2.30g/t from 40.3m (KHGC0197)
  • 32.2m at 5.07g/t from 0.0m (KHGC0176) 
  • 17.0m at 3.96g/t from 0.0m (KHGC0203)
  • 25.5m at 7.29g/t from 53.0m (KHGC0179) 
  • 9.6m at 6.69g/t from 5.6m (KHGC0213)
  • 23.8m at 16.27g/t from 141.0m (KHGC0180) 
  • 12.5m at 5.97g/t from 1.0m (KHGC0221)
  • 11.0m at 22.17g/t from 47.5m (KHGC0182) 
  • 20.5m at 3.33g/t from 60.5m (KHGC0244)

A potential sub-parallel structural repeat down plunge of Regal was identified in hole KHGC0240.

In addition, a new fault structure was discovered during the stage one open pit cutback, including 2.0m at 55.00g/t from 116m (KOTRD0130) and 54.0m at 0.88g/t from 66m (KOTRD0136). Red 5 said that the structure is interpreted to represent an important conduit for gold-bearing fluids, with follow-up drilling planned.

Red 5’s Managing Director, Mark Williams, said, “These drilling results from King of the Hills further reinforce the robustness of the mine plan, while also highlighting the opportunity to extend mine life. The results also confirm the underground mine plan for FY25 and identify extensions to the key Regal and West Bulk mining areas, as well as the potential sub-parallel structural repeat that hole KHGC0240 is indicating down plunge from Regal.

“It is also encouraging to have identified a new mineralised fault structure as part of the stage one cutback of the KOTH open pit. Follow-up programs are being worked on to further define this structure. The open pit drilling also indicated the presence of gold mineralisation below the current level of the Stage 1 pit, with additional drilling being designed to test the viability of deepening the Stage 1 pit.

“King of the Hills is a large orebody, with significant areas remaining relatively un-drilled, providing potential growth opportunities to expand Resources and Reserves and extend mine life into the future.”

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