When it comes to operating large-scale, heavy duty mining equipment, having a high power, high performance battery is the only way to get the job done.

OPTIMA® Batteries are highly regarded in the mining industry for their performance capabilities in extreme applications. Among the colour-coded range, the YELLOWTOP® battery is designed specifically for applications that require both starting power and deep cycle abilities. Its strong reputation for reliability and long service life makes the OPTIMA YELLOWTOP range a popular choice for heavy duty mining equipment.

Evolving battery technology solutions

The YELLOWTOP battery is powered by OPTIMA’s unique SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY®. This is based on a series of  individual spiral wound cells composed of two pure (99.99 per cent) lead plates coated in a precise coating of lead oxide. This design means the batteries are 15-times more vibration-resistant than regular flooded lead acid batteries, and can last up to three times as long.

SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY provides higher starting power and faster recharging compared to other flat plate batteries on the market. The unique cell design also enables it to hold its shape even under the harshest weather conditions, which conventional batteries can struggle to endure.

A battery for every occasion

Batteries with high performance, reliability and a long service life are essential to creating less downtime on the job. Fitting a dual-purpose YELLOWTOP battery will deliver both reliable starting power and repeated deep cycling for applications packed with accessories.

This makes it the ideal choice for mining equipment, military vehicles, emergency services, road transport and agricultural machinery.

Other applications that run additional accessories such as running lights, winches, hydraulics or a high-performance stereo/AV system will also benefit from being fitted with an OPTIMA YELLOWTOP battery.

OPTIMA Batteries are manufactured by Clarios, a global leader in advanced energy storage solutions, whose batteries power one in three vehicles worldwide. All the batteries in the range are manufactured with sustainability, safety, and reliability in mind. Clarios’ supply chain management aims to contribute to the ongoing progress of the community and the planet by adding value every step of the way.

OPTIMA Batteries have a demonstrated 40-year history of technological innovation and world class engineering. The manufacturer understands extreme applications – their operating conditions and performance requirements are like no other.

In the 1970s, OPTIMA Batteries introduced the first maintenance-free lead acid batteries for commercial and military use, then later revolutionised the industry with the introduction of the SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY AGM battery, which to date remains the primary power source behind  OPTIMA Batteries.

R&J Batteries is your OPTIMA Batteries distributor in Australia with 24 branches and a strong network of more than 8,000 stockists across the nation. For more information about OPTIMA Batteries, visit rjbatt.com.au or call 1300 769 28.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by R&J Batteries.


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