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Telstra InfraCo has announced that it will partner with a Karratha-based native title to build two new fibre routes in the Pilbara. 

The partnership with RFF is set to support Telstra InfraCo’s $24 million investment to uplift connectivity in the Pilbara over the next two to three years. 

Telstra InfraCo has committed to constructing new high capacity, ultra-low latency fibre connecting Parry Range and Tom Price and Nullagine and Marble Bar. Construction work is expected to begin in September 2024. 

Telstra InfraCo’s Executive, National Infrastructure Projects, Kathryn Jones, said, “Today we are witnessing the mining sector eagerly adopting cutting edge technologies from robotics, automation, AI, IoT and sophisticated real-time big data analysis. At the heart of this digital transformation lies the power of data which will rely on robust and resilient fibre networks that are high capacity and ultra-low latency.” 

Ms Jones said that Telstra InfraCo’s proposed Pilbara fibre network uplift will extend the company’s existing fibre paths in the Pilbara to further enable the technology transformation and the forecast growth over the next few decades. 

“We consider local knowledge and trusted relationships key to helping us build the intercity fibre network in the most efficient and respectful way possible. We are confident that by working in partnership with RFF, our engagement with Traditional Owner groups in the Pilbara will be based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to preserving cultural heritage.” 

RFF’s Director, Owen Hightower, said the Karratha-based business has extensive experience in navigating complex infrastructure projects in the region to ensure that all voices are heard, positive relationships are fostered and mutually beneficially outcomes are achieved. 

“Our team of expert native title, environment and land access specialists prioritise early engagement with First Nations People and Traditional Owners that is respectful, collaborative and fosters solutions that benefit all partners and builds lasting relationships.” 

Telstra InfraCo said that its commitment to building a resilient fibre network is demonstrated through the research and design to develop fibre that is high capacity and ultra-low latency, enabling data to move faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

The new fibre network is expected to enable transmission rates of up to 650Gbps based on current technology, which is over six times the current common rate of 100Gbps. 

The network architecture is also expected to see the new fibre paths fully integrated with the rest of Telstra’s infrastructure portfolio and connect with the intercity fibre network connecting Western Australia to the East Coast and the globe via Telstra’s international subsea cable network. 

Ms Jones said, “Telstra InfraCo is looking forward to working with RFF on this ambitious project that will enable the Pilbara to lead the way in a digitally transformed world, while investing in our nation’s growth, connectivity and digital prosperity.” 

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