Conveyor machinery at Australian gold mine

Bellevue has signed a binding Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for its Bellevue Gold Project in Western Australia, with a subsidiary of Tier-1 independent power provider Zenith Energy Operations.

Under the PPA, Zenith will finance, build, own, operate and maintain the 88MW power station for an initial term of 15 years. The Bellevue Gold Project remains on track for first gold in the December quarter of 2023.

Bellevue has commenced construction of the power station, with earthworks and concrete foundations for the thermal station complete. Key electrical infrastructure has been secured, including critical longlead items and the main switch room, and Zenith will acquire these items as part of the agreement.

The hybrid power solution will consist of wind and solar as well as thermal generation and battery energy storage, with the aim of meeting up to 80 per cent of the project’s power needs from renewable energy. The hybrid power station will enable the project to operate on 100 per cent renewable energy and ‘engine-off’ mode during periods of high renewable energy generation. 

Bellevue’s processing circuit has been designed to maximise the natural resources of wind and solar, providing a direct cost reduction and emission-free energy use, by time-shifting power use to times of low-cost and zero emission renewable energy.

Bellevue has also joined the Electric Mine Consortium, consisting of 20 respected and progressive ASX-listed and private mining and services companies whose aim is to further decarbonise the industry. 

Bellevue has also executed a refining agreement with ABC Refinery under which Bellevue’s gold can be refined separately. This will enable Bellevue’s gold to be marketed as a greener product, reflecting its net zero status.

Bellevue Managing Director, Darren Stralow, said, “This power purchase agreement is another key milestone on the path to the start of gold production later this year. 

“The high utilisation of renewable energy in the power station and the flexibility to time-shifting activities with renewable energy availability is central to our goal to be Australia’s first net zero gold producer. As well as being environmentally responsible, this approach could see Bellevue receive a premium price for its gold”.


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