In an industry where precision and safety are paramount, Process Vision has announced the launch of its latest LineVu process camera, setting a new standard in liquid carryover monitoring. 

The latest LineVu model is a state-of-the-art, real-time colour process camera equipped with 24/7 automatic alarms for contamination detection, bolstered by a robust thermal performance ranging from 30°C to 55°C, with power delivered efficiently over Ethernet (POE+).

The LineVu camera empowers engineers and operators with unparalleled accuracy in contamination identification, thanks to its high-resolution, high frame rate colour camera. This provides operators with superior visual clarity, significantly reducing the risk of missing any form of contamination within gas pipelines.

Engineering Manager at Process Vision, Harry Thorpe, said that the latest LineVu boasts significant upgrades for superior performance. 

“With enhanced illumination and a higher-performance colour camera, image quality is dramatically improved,” Mr Thorpe said. 

“The increased maximum frame rate, now at 150 frames per second, offers deeper insights into liquid flows in gas pipelines. Plus, enhanced thermal management widens the operating temperature range. And for easier installation, we’ve switched to a POE+ camera, requiring just one cable for power and signal, whether for temporary or permanent applications.” 

To cater to the varied needs of the industry, the camera body can be attached to the pipeline using a flanged (3” #900 RTJ) connection, with the option for threaded (1” NPT) or alternative flange connections via adaptors.

Designed to mount easily on high-pressure gas pipelines, engineers and operators can now investigate liquid carryover events with the assurance that any contamination will be swiftly detected and reported, allowing for prompt and informed decision-making.

Managing Director at Process Vision, Paul Stockwell, said that with the introduction of the new LineVu camera, Process Vision continues to lead the way in innovative monitoring technology for the energy sector. 

“Our commitment is to safety and improving efficiency for gas processing, transmission and power station engineers. As subject matter experts we are proud to provide our customers with the innovative tools they need to excel in an increasingly demanding industry.” 

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