An image of an open pit wolfram mine

EQ Resources has announced that the weekly production at its Mt Carbine operation has increased by 16 per cent. 

The increase was attributed to higher grade ore delivered from the Andy White Open Pit and respective upgrade to XRT Sorter #2 yielding in higher throughput. 

Additionally, the site hit a new production record of 70.4 wet tonnes of 50 per cent WO3 concentrate in a seven-day production period and a daily record of 13.6 wet tonnes of 50 per cent WO3 concentrate in a 24 hour period. 

In April 2024, EQ Resources announced that it will upgrade its XRT Sorters and equip them with the new generation ejection system offered by TOMRA. Commissioning of the new ejection system at XRT Sorter #2 was completed mid-June 2024, which provided the operations with an uptick of 25 per cent in sorter concentrate produced. XRT Sorter #3 is expected to be upgraded in the coming quarter. 

EQ Resources’ Chief Executive Officer, Kevin MacNeill, said, “I am very pleased with the progress seen throughout June. Mt Carbine faced a major rebuild of our main screen, which allowed us to implement the previously announced upgrade of one of our XRT sorters.” 

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