Kelair Pumps Australia's Blivet system

Effective wastewater treatment is essential for every community, and helps to protect the environment and also look after the health of the general public. However, some locations – like remote mine sites – are unable to access a sewer main and, as such, require onsite wastewater treatment.

Leading pumps manufacturer and distributor, Kelair Pumps Australia’s Blivet is set to help solve these challenges and revolutionise sewage treatment at mine sites with a system that is simple and efficient.

The Kelair-Blivet is a remote, economical, standalone wastewater sewage treatment plant suitable for populations from 30 to 500. The unit comprises primary settlement, aerobic biological treatment, final settlement and sludge storage.

It is an established and innovative system for highly efficient process reduction of biological oxygen demand (BOD) and Suspended Solids (S.S.). It combines the best features of existing rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology with the additional advantage of active aeration without the use of blowers.

The Kelair-Blivet is compact, does not require constant manning, is simple to operate and maintain, has low operating costs and is a practical and economical wastewater treatment option, especially for remote sites. The low energy, high performance system is installed easily, straightforward to run and quickly and effectively turns effluent into usable irrigation water.

Kelair Pumps is the only supplier of the Blivet in Australia and has 20 years of experience supplying and maintaining these systems. Kelair offers clients a range of world-renowned, high-quality products, supported and backed by knowledgeable staff.

For more information, please contact Kelair Pumps on 1300 789 466, or visit

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Kelair Pumps.


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