Stainless steel in mining applications

Stainless steel plays a vital role in numerous Australian industries – including mining – thanks to its remarkable corrosion-resistance and durability properties. However, not all stainless steel is created equal. Quality can vary significantly based on the raw materials used and the manufacturing process involved. As such, understanding the quality of stainless steel in the Australian mining industry is of the utmost importance.

One region that stands out for producing highquality stainless steel is Europe. European stainless steel is highly regarded due to its exceptional quality standards, which are achieved using refined steel, pure nickel and chromium. This ensures a consistent blend of materials, resulting in a product of superior quality.

In contrast, other regions rely on lower-quality nickel-pig-iron, which can lead to issues like corrosion and spotting. As such, it is evident that the origin and composition of the stainless steel used can have a significant impact on its performance and longevity.

Misleading product labels

Identifying the true origin of stainless steel products can be challenging, particularly when misleading marketing tactics are employed. For instance, products bearing the label ‘Designed in Europe’ may give the impression of European quality, when in reality, they might be manufactured in regions known for subpar raw materials and less rigorous manufacturing processes. This deceptive messaging can potentially expose consumers to risks and compromise the integrity of their projects.

To ensure that you are truly receiving the quality you are paying for and expect, Ibex Australia recommends consumers request and examine original mill certificates. These certificates provide crucial information about the manufacturing location, chemical composition, and traceability of the raw materials used.

Genuine mill certificates clearly indicate the name of the mill, material heat number, material grade, specific heat treatment, material dimensions and certified mill signature. It is important to be aware that fake mill certificates without the aforementioned information have been increasingly prevalent in the Australian market.

Stainless steel, quality assured

In this context, Ibex Australia distinguishes itself by dedicating significant resources to sourcing the best stainless steel products.

With extensive technical knowledge and expertise, Ibex Australia ensures that the stainless steel it offers meets the highest quality standards. Ibex Australia understands the critical role of stainless steel in the mining industry and strives to provide reliable and durable solutions. Ibex Australia’s commitment to quality is supported by a comprehensive range of press fit products, specifically designed to suit various applications in the mining industry.

By reaching out to Ibex Australia, you can benefit from extensive technical skills and support, ensuring that the stainless steel products you choose are of exceptional quality and meet your specific requirements. Ibex Australia’s dedication to sourcing superior products and extensive technical knowledge make them a trusted partner for your stainless steel needs in the mining industry.

“No welding, low labour costs, easy installation and reliable results make the product a ‘no-brainer’.” – Installation Manager at Citic Pacific Mining

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