The Western Australian Government has made further commitments to elevating its profile as a global investment hotspot with two major initiatives; the launch of its digital investment deal book, WA Investments, and the State Government’s commitment to open a Western Australia trade office in Austin, Texas.

Strong levels of business investment will underpin the future prosperity of the state, creating jobs across traditional and emerging sectors. The Western Australian Government has recently made progress in maturing its efforts to build trade and investment flows. These latest initiatives put Western Australia right up the front in competing for global investment.

The launch of WA Investments, which Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) is delivering in partnership with the State Government, will showcase Western Australia’s investment-ready projects, strengthening the state’s reputation and draw as an investment destination.

Confirmation of Western Australia’s trade presence in the Americas, with an office located in Austin, Texas, levers off Western Australia’s strong relationships in the energy sector, while opening new horizons across sectors like advanced manufacturing, defence, renewables, life sciences, digital, space industry and more. 

While many Western Australia companies have long established links into the US and vice versa, there is an opportunity for a new surge of activity that responds to changed geopolitics and other meta trends.

The projects should also help provide critical intelligence on how economies across North America are developing, ensuring security from a regulatory perspective to secure strong flows of capital. This is especially important given the major shifts occurring across the global economy in areas such as decarbonisation and artificial intelligence.

This double combination of initiatives also delivers on two long standing CCIWA policy recommendations.


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